I'm Jessica,

a front end developer.

I am a recent graduate of Washington State University Vancouver from the CMDC program with a degree in Digital Technology & Culture. My speciality is working on the client-side of websites, with JavaScript as my primary language. Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games, roleplaying with D&D, and spending time with my dog.


Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript

Reconstruction of the 1993 hypermedia narrative game by John McDaid for contemporary computing devices. It follows a non-linear story about Arthur "Buddy" Newkirk and Emily Keane. I was in the web development team and worked on primarily two sections of the game: HyperEarth and Burrower.

HyperEarth stands as a webpage that allows users to move through and explore sections of earth and Newkirk's town. It features a 3D model of earth created by the motion graphics team. From that, I wrote code that allowed this model to spin around left or right, spin indefinitely, or zoom in or out. The webpage also has several popup windows and extra images. In addition to using a mouse or trackpad, it incorporates using directional arrow keys to traverse the different sections.

Burrower is accessed through a button in another webpage inside the Funhouse called Writer's Brain. Burrower allows users to transport text from the Writer's Brain page to Burrower's page, where they can randomize the text however much they like, clear it, and quit back to the previous page in Writer's Brain.

The Woods

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript

The Woods is an interactive fiction story about a girl waking up in a strange forest with no recollection on how she got there. Readers can move through sections of the story while remaining on one page, and can find themselves at different endings. The Woods uses arrays and conditional logic to drive its functionality, allowing for seamless delivery of text.

Interactive Map of Washington and Arizona

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | MapBox API

The Interactive Map of Washington and Arizona is a project to explore key locations and the personal memories associated with them. It uses MapBox API to retrieve its map, and integrates that into the structure holding the text.